Finished the Denim Jean Table Runner!

Okay, folks.  It’s finished! 


I attached the binding today.


I used a technique for attaching bindings that is new to me from Sharon Schamber.  My Mom came across it through her Nolting Yahoo group.


The online demonstration is called: "Binding the Angel", you can click here to see it.


It’s a technique where you baste the binding onto the quilt entirely with washable glue prior to sewing.


I’ve been practicing with sewing my binding by machine versus finishing it via hand stitching.  This technique is the best way I’ve discovered to create a really straight, nice looking finished product!


I like it so much, that I’m going to get started binding my string quilt the same way!


Thanks Sharon (and Mom)!!




Look at that perfect miter!





Nothing but glue holding everything together here!  And nothing was stiff or sticky!




I would have preferred to stitch in the ditch but live and learn.  I didn’t fold the binding over quite enough and would have missed parts of the binding by stitching in the ditch.  However, I was still quite happy with this finished result!   Very straight and neat.  And all my corners are perfectly mitered.


And NO pins!




Yeah!  I’m off to start binding the next quilt!!


Happy New Year!



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