Pre-Order Pattern SALE plus Bonus!


It’s finally here (well, almost).  The Denim Circle Rag Quilt pattern will be available to any and all this coming Tuesday, Jan 31st! 

This is the day I will have them in my hot little hands and will be sending them out in the mail!

So…in honor of this occasion which has been well more than a year in coming, I’m offering a Pre-Sale! 

Pre-Order the Denim Circle Rag Quilt pattern

anytime between now and Tuesday, Jan 31st and

get 15% off the pattern price

PLUS I’ll send you

five denim circles

from my jean stash as a thank you!


 Use the Coupon CodeDenimCirclePattern to get your

15% discount!

I’m really excited about this pattern.  I’ve worked very hard to make it of the highest quality.  I’ve even included directions for both Right and Left handers with LOTS of illustrations to make following

along EASY!







The Pattern is ALMOST here!


The pattern for the Denim Circle Rag quilt is just about finished and almost ready for the printer!  I’m so EXCITED!  It’s been SO long in coming.

Here’s the sample I’ve been making for our local quilt store for the class I’m teaching in March!








Just need to clip the edges, wash and dry!  I love the Riley Blake fabric!


Order Potholder Pattern and MORE!

Both the Denim Pocket Pot Holder and Denim Circle Rag Quilt Patterns are now for SALE in my Etsy Shop.  Please visit and let me know what you think!! 

I just finished opening my Etsy shop.  In it, you’ll find the pattern for the Denim Pocket Potholders. 

(The reason I haven’t finished the quilt pattern yet is that I’m waiting for the final feedback from my testers.)

However, in the meantime you can purchase the potholder pattern in my Etsy shop!  I’m offering it two ways:
     1.  Traditional hard copy
     2.  Traditional hard copy along with 1/2 yard of Insul-Brite  
          batting designed for making potholders (for $3.50 more).

At this time, I’m not offering it as a PDF but that is next.  In order to do that, I need a hosted website which blogger is not.



Thank you for stopping by!!


Recycled Denim Tote Bag on Etsy!

From RipnRollRugs an adorable tote bag on Etsy! 


I really like the way she placed the pockets and used pieces of denim with flat felled seams.  So cute!


I’m awfully tempted to head over and buy it.  More wonderful Denim inspiration!! 


Remember Guess Jeans? Now a PotHolder!


I made these potholders for my sister.  She tells me she’s down to a few unmatched potholders and was hoping for some new ones.

I came across these vintage Guess jeans the other day at a local thrift store.  I was thrilled!  My sister and I used to drool over Guess jeans when we were in high school!!





The way you use these potholders is by putting one hand in a pocket.  The other pocket hangs down and rests against your forearm.  This protects your whole arm from a hot pan. 



Wanna make one?  The pattern will be out in a matter of days!  :)

Have a good one!


IPad Cover made from Denim


I just saw this adorable IPad cover over at Sandra St Ju's Etsy Shop!

This ships all the way from Lithuania for just $5.00! 



Another amazing Denim project!!


New Denim Pattern…Pocket Pot Holder #1

Please visit my Etsy Shop to see all of my Patterns!  :)
Hi all,

I’ve been working on a different pattern (along with the denim rag quilt pattern). 

It’s a potholder made from denim jean pockets.

I’ve had a ton of fun with this and this pattern is in the finishing stages.  Expect to have both patterns out this month, FINALLY!!!!!

Here’s what  the pot holder looks like.  A second pot holder pattern is also coming soon.



These are LONG pot holders so it’s best not to use them to “pinch” the pans.  I like to slip my hand all the way into one pocket and allow the other to rest on my arm. 


You can even do pockets with flaps, I just add an invisible pocket.  So cute!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  :)

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