Going to be Changing Over…


Very soon I’m going to be dividing myself (a “mitosis” of sort for you science folks out there!). 

I’ll be shifting all of my denim information over to my NEW blog “Inventive Denim”.  It’s still in the creation process so I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up and running!

This blog will remain for all of my non-denim related quilting stuff!

Speaking of my non-denim “STUFF”…I’ve been very busy posting quilt TOPS to my Etsy shop.  I’m a huge novelty fabric fan so I’ve been busy using up my stash and, okay, maybe also buying some new fabrics, to post to my shop.

Here are some of the tops I have posted.  They’re all super long (around 6 feet).  I really like to make quilts for teens and tweens so the tops are larger.  They’re a unique group and hard to shop for!  It can be difficult to find fabrics for them but they’re out there! 

I especially like the “I Heart Snakes” quilt top!  I’m tempted to keep it for myself since I’m such a huge snake lover!!!  Yes, it’s true!  I love snakes!

Etsy 1

Etsy 3

I am really loving my new Star Wars quilt too! 

Etsy 1
Etsy 3

“Surf like a Girl” is another of my favorites!  Not only is the feature fabric awesome but I LOVE the coordinating batiks!

Etsy 1

Etsy 3

I’m off to work on the next project!  Have a good one!!

Heather  :)

Looking for Newsletter Sign up?


Just in case you only receive my email updates I wanted to let you know that you will need to go to my actual blog in order to sign up for my newsletter!  Sorry about that!

The sign up is located on the right hand side of the Blog.  Go here to sign up…http://www.apassionatequilter.blogspot.com.

Thank you and I’m very sorry for any confusion!!


Newsletter and the FREE E-Book! They’re HERE!

Hi all!

I’m so excited because I’m unveiling my BRAND new Newsletter titled, “Inventive Denim” and simultaneously releasing my new E-Book, “My Best Tips for Sewing (& Quilting) with Recycled Jeans”!!

As a matter of fact, they’re tied together in one neat little bundle!

Sign up for my newsletter (see form directly to the top, right of this page) and I’ll send you my FREE E-Book too!

I’ve spent a LOT of time pouring every trick I have found to be effective in working with denim into this E-Book.  I hope you will find it very useful.

And the newsletter, well it’s appropriately called, “Inventive Denim” because it will be all about using denim and recycled jeans to sew and create projects! 

Inventive Denim is not just the name of my new newsletter, it’s also going to be the name of my new Blog Site!  It’s being created right now and so the release is still a bit off, but it’s going to be terribly exciting and I hope you will consider following me over to it!

I will still be here at The Passionate Quilter for now (and maybe longer, I’m debating) so I hope you’ll keep stopping by!


Don’t forget to sign up and get my free E-Book before you leave!!!

Heather :)


New VIDEO for making Denim Circles!



Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I posted a Brand New video on a tip I discovered for cutting denim circles!  If you’re making one of my Denim Circle Rag Quilts or something like it and you need a lot of circles, this tip could be really helpful.  :)

Here’s the video:


If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!  It’s always so nice to get feedback on whether something is working for people or not. 

In addition, I also UPDATED my video which demonstrates how to use the circle cutter.  I made some changes and I think it’s overall better (not to mention shorter)!

Here’s that video in case you’re interested!!


Almost ready to put out my new Ebook so if you’re interested, please check back.

Thank you everyone for coming here to see what’s going on!

Heather :)

Sewing with Denim, the EBOOK!

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(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / bruno1998

I’ve spent a lot of time sewing with recycled denim jeans over the past year.  You may have seen my patterns using jeans;

  - the Denim Circle Rag Quilt,

  - the Denim Circle Rag Bag

  - the Pocket Pot Holders

 (if you haven’t seen them, check out my Etsy Shop!)

Just like anything else, with practice came awareness about what works and what doesn’t. 

As I continued to work with denim, I began to wonder if some of you might have the same concerns I originally had about what it takes to sew with such a unique fabric. 

Concerns such as:

-whether your sewing machine will work with the heavier weights and thicknesses associated with denim.

-being up for figuring out something completely new while working all on your own (intimidating!)

-quilting a heavy denim quilt under the arm of your sewing machine (too much bulk and too much weight!)

-how to keep the denim from stretching and getting the seams to line up properly!

On the other hand, I was sure some of you wanted to

-be more “eco-friendly” by using recycled fabrics

-find a way to use the stacks of family jeans carefully tucked away for the perfect project!

And, at the very least
, I figured there were some more Experienced individuals out there who might like to know some of the tricks I’ve discovered for making the whole process easier

 SO…I’ve written an Ebook- all about DENIM!

An eBook (electronic book for you to download) in which I share all of my knowledge related to working with denim (recycled or fresh from the bolt!). 

The best part is that it is absolutely FREE to you. 

I want you to feel confident in working with denim whether it be for pot holders, quilts or bags. 

What can you expect to see in this Ebook? 

1. How to make adjustments to your sewing machine that will accommodate the specific characteristics of denim i.e. proper stich length or foot pressure.  

2. The right kind of needles and why they make a difference. 

3. The most common pitfalls associated with denim and how to overcome them!

4. Why having a hammer on hand is VERY useful and what Spray Starch does to denim to make cutting a BREEZE!

5. Specific TIPS that I have personally learned over time to make your sewing SO MUCH easier!

Of course, there’s more…

And, as a special BONUS, I’ll include ideas for where you can go to replenish your supply of jeans.  Everything I know about getting jeans cheap or even FREE!

folded Jeans Clipart PAID 11_14_11 copyfolded Jeans Clipart PAID 11_14_11 copyfolded Jeans Clipart PAID 11_14_11 copy

I’m VERY excited about this book! 

Now, you can’t get it just yet, it’s just a few short days away from being released.   In addition, I’ll be offering sign ups for my brand new Newsletter as well.

I’m looking forward to getting this information out right away- so check back soon!

And THANK YOU for your continued support!

Heather  :)




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