Wonderful Use of Recycled Denim Jeans!

SeamsToFit has a really beautiful wall hanging available for sale in her Etsy shop.  As someone who appreciates new and innovative ways to use recycled denim, I was very impressed with this project!

Look at all of those denim jean hems!  How creative!!!


recycled denim patchwork quilted floor rug or wall hanging

Check out the details up close!  Beautiful quilting job!

recycled denim patchwork quilted floor rug or wall hanging

I’d have to agree that this really is a piece of artwork and a fabulous way to use up “unusable” pieces of old jeans.


The “Sandi” -A Table Runner

A few weeks ago our quilting group went away for a four day retreat.  While there, we were able to get out and visit a local quilt shop. 


Yeahhhh!!!  Who doesn’t love a shopping trip for fabric???

One of the ladies in our group found a FABULOUS fabric to pair with my denim circles! 

In her honor, I hereby name this table runner, the “Sandi”!  :)


Prior to clipping the edges or washing.



And after clipping, washing and drying…



Woot Woot!   :)

The New PURSE Pattern is HERE!


Yeah!!  The Purse Pattern is Here!!  Check it out!




Here’s a close up of what the purses look like.  The pattern has directions for making both sizes (keep scrolling)!




I am very happy with how it it turned out!!  I hope you like it too!

Currently, the pattern is for sale in my Etsy Store, please check it out!

Heather  :)

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