Western Sew, Quilt and Textile Expo in Reno!


I just participated in my first Quilt Show as a vendor.  At the COMPLETE last minute I decided to see if it would be possible to gain entry into the QSC Expo being held in Reno.

Lucky for me, the person in charge (thanks Vickie!) was able to accommodate me and a few short days later I was setting up my booth at the Grand Sierra Resort!

I was able to offer all three of my denim patterns as well as the Circle Cutter and Rag Snips!  I spent most of the show demonstrating how to use the circle cutter and how to assemble the Denim Circle Rag Quilt!

It was SUCH a blast talking to people about my patterns and showing them how to make them! 

I want to take a moment to THANK everyone who stopped by my booth and talked with me!  I so enjoyed meeting each and every one of you!


Also, if you ordered a circle cutter from me I expect them to be here tomorrow (I hope!).  I will get them off to you ASAP!!!


Here are some pictures of my booth!  (And me, of course!) :)




A VERY successful first show!  Thank you to everyone who supported me and my business!!!!

Heather :)

Quilt for Charity


I really don’t have very much time to work on personal quilting projects because all of my time goes to pattern design and promoting my current patterns.

However, I’m a firm believer that you’ve still got to find time for the things in your life that you do for no other reason than because you enjoy them.

So…I’m taking a few minutes a day to work on things that are just fun (and not work).

I have just started making a quilt for an old hospital from the 1800’s located in Virginia City.  The caretakers are restoring it and I thought it would be nice to donate a quilt for one of the guest beds using Civil War era fabric.

Civil War fabric is NOT my thing so I thought this would be a good way to get out of my box at the same time! 

I wanted to use jelly roll strips and found this fun and easy pattern.


I’m using two jelly rolls by Moda.  They’re called something like “Collection for a Cause”- don’t have one in front of me at the moment.  I wanted to make a twin but I think I’ll be just shy with the two rolls.  It’s probably not worth getting another roll so I’ll just add a border as needed.

You can see one jelly roll still rolled up in the corner.

This quilt is all about making a LOT of strip sets, which is fine by me.  I just want some easy work that doesn’t require a lot of brain power!




Even though I’m not a Civil War fabric type of person…I’m still liking the strip sets!  Yeah!


Denim Wallet


I’ve been so lucky to work with a wonderful lady on Etsy who saw my purse pattern and loved it but doesn’t sew!  She asked me to make her a custom purse and it turned out great.  Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of it!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Well, she followed up with a request for a matching wallet and here’s what I made (remembered to take pictures this time!).

The two green fabrics are the same two I used in her purse.  The pattern was based on a tutorial by That Darn Kat.

I made some changes and added a few things but overall, it was a great tutorial!





A fun project, I’ll definitely be making more!  :)

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