Workman Farms Quilt Shop in Fallon, NV

Workman Farms Quilt Shop- Fallon, NV

Open 7 days a week, 8am-6pm
Closed Sundays (in Winter)

I first met Vickie in the outdoor nursery located next to the building which houses her quilt shop.  Vickie Detomasi, the owner of Workman Farms, runs a Nursery/Quilt Shop.  This may seem like an odd combination, however, the Workman Family has owned and "worked" this land for the past 45 years.

Originally, the family sold their homegrown fruits and vegetables on this location in a roadside stand.  Over time the business developed and changed with the times and a nursery sprang up.  Along side the nursery, a craft and fabric store blossomed and today a full blown quilt shop  can be found at the site!

Workman's has actually carried fabric in this location for the past 25 years but it was only in recent years that Vickie decided to expand and develop the shop into a fully stocked quilt store.

Although Workman's carries a wide variety of fabrics, according to Vickie, they like to specialize in fabrics that define their region including cowboy fabrics and warm flannels. 

I really liked the clever, fun displays which showcased the newest fabrics in addition to the quilt samples made by Vickie, herself.

Workman's will be participating in this year's Fallon Quilt Show  presented by the Nevada Quilt Guild which will be held May 19th-22nd, 2010 (9am-5pm daily).  The title of this year's show is "Quilters Rule: Measure Twice, Cut Once". 

I asked Vickie about the combination nursery and quilt store and how it worked for them.  She said that in a small town like Fallon, the combination has worked well.  In addition, she has also noted that many quilters are also gardeners so many of her customers can satisfy two hobbies with just one visit!!


Finding this shop was a lovely surprise. The staff was friendly and helpful and the shop held many quilting treasures!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I have shopped often here, and love every experience. It is worth the 31/2 hour trip!


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