The Quilt Cruise!


We have a LOT of birthdays in our family in the months of November and December.  Therefore, over the years, we’ve established a tradition of celebrating all of the adults’ birthdays on one day with a big, fancy dinner.

We still celebrate the kids’ birthdays individually but for the adults, this makes sense. 

This year I turned 40.  The big 4-0.

My husband completely surprised me with a quilt cruise for my birthday present.  I was SO surprised.  I had no idea.

To top it off, he’s been planning it for TWO YEARS.  Turns out my family knew and they’ve been keeping it a secret!!  I can’t believe no one spilled the beans!  They did admit it was tough and almost blew it a couple of times!!!!

It was such a sweet, romantic, loving gesture and I am so blessed to have him for my husband!  Here are pictures my sister took of me opening the gift.

(He made a binder with all of the events of the cruise).  ;)

Heather cruise surprise-2


Heather cruise surprise-3


Heather cruise surprise-4


Heather cruise surprise-6


Heather cruise surprise-7


Heather cruise surprise-11


Heather cruise surprise-10

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