Personalizing with Names

So, does anyone else try out a pattern or new technique and then want to do a bunch of those things until you're sick of them?  That happens to me a LOT.  I recently got into personalizing things with names. 

Now, I've decided that to properly create letters that look good and have a lot of character I need a AccuQuilt Cutter.  Probably not the GO version but the GIGANTIC, EXTRA HEAVY version.  WHY? Well, I double checked and as of now, the GO cutter doesn't have any accompanying alphabets.  AND, I really want to cut multiple layers of denim (for when I cut up old blue jeans) and I know the large version of the AccuQuilt Cutter will go through a lot more layers at once.  And...I know I can think of some more reasons!

But, for now, I have been hand stenciling letters onto fabric.  Not a quick process but it works.  I decided on pillowcases and travel pillows for my niece, nephew and their friends.

I really liked the process and would love doing more...but it really does take a long time to trace and cut out those letters.

Here's what they looked like.



I experimented with decorative stitches until I found one I liked.


Both girly and boy-ish, I tried out both types of pillows.  I'm happy to say that the recipients were pleased!


I was also really pleased with the final product.  Until next time!!

Heather  :)


  1. These are sooo cute! I want one for me! :)

  2. Thanks so much D. Weber!!! I SO appreciate the compliment!


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