New VIDEO for making Denim Circles!



Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I posted a Brand New video on a tip I discovered for cutting denim circles!  If you’re making one of my Denim Circle Rag Quilts or something like it and you need a lot of circles, this tip could be really helpful.  :)

Here’s the video:


If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!  It’s always so nice to get feedback on whether something is working for people or not. 

In addition, I also UPDATED my video which demonstrates how to use the circle cutter.  I made some changes and I think it’s overall better (not to mention shorter)!

Here’s that video in case you’re interested!!


Almost ready to put out my new Ebook so if you’re interested, please check back.

Thank you everyone for coming here to see what’s going on!

Heather :)

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