The Winner is….

The guessing is over!  Thanks to everyone who guessed as to the amount of fabric in my stash!


I had a lot of fun watching the guesses and reading your fun responses!!


The actual amount of fabric was……….. 332 yards


Honestly, I would never have imagined there was that much fabric in my stash!  I was very shocked!!  It just doesn’t look like that much to me!

And so the winner was…


Congratulations to Shelley @ Free Indeed!! 

Her comment read:

“I'm going to guess 338 yards. (She was only 6 yards over!)

I'm horrible at guessing games, but I so want those FQs :)

PS things are looking great all stacked and neat. I did refold all my fabs too but haven't put them in by color...was hoping to get my daughter interested in helping with that interest :P”

Congrats again Shelley and I’ll contact your regarding your mailing address.


And thanks again everyone else who played along!!




  1. I was trying to figure out how much fabric most people had in their stash b/c I'm cleaning mine out! I have 6 trash bags full I'm giving to friends, and I've folded and measured the rest. I'm not done...probably half way done I've got about 150 yds. I bet you and I have similar amounts! I've sacked up SO MUCH fabric it's unbelievable! Why did I have so much I didn't want? crazy!! The good news is that I did NOT find any smooshed cats under my hoard...yet!

  2. Hi Jacki,
    Glad to hear the cats came through okay! :)
    It really is amazing how "easy" it was to collect all that fabric, eh?
    Good Luck with your continued counting!!
    I did the exact same thing when I went through my stash. I bagged a bunch of fabric and gave it away to friends. What was I thinking too??
    Take care,
    Heather :)


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