Oh my gosh…please get this thing off me!

We have a very thin dog.  She is an adorable, loving, sweet Jack Russell Terrier cross. 

We actually had her DNA checked (couldn’t resist- hey, I don’t have kids OK?).  They said she was a mix of Chihuahua and Italian greyhound.  The greyhound I see, the Chihuahua???  Not so much.


She’s actually pretty sick with liver failure and she’s only 4 years old.  She was born with a liver shunt.  She’s the best dog ever so it doesn’t seem fair…but we love every day we have with her.


Because she’s so thin and it’s so cold here, she has to wear something when she goes outside.  I made her a fleece coat but she and one of our other dogs destroyed it.  Sad smile


So, I tried again.  I bought her some homemade “jammies” from Tails Me All About It


I’ve never tried to fit a dog into “feeties” before.  Turns out, she’s not too big on them.  It’s comical to see her try to walk in them! 




I actually bought them a little too short for her body so I added a fleece stripe down the center.




The workmanship is great, high quality.  I just wish she liked them better!




Love you Pearl!

Jan 2010 (8)


  1. This is just too cute for words. We have big dogs (Golden Retriever and Labrador) and live in temperate climate all year round, so dog clothes just aren't suitable. But if I had a small dog... I would certainly want to dress it up like this one. Simply adorable! (-:

  2. Okay - love the scrap quilt. But my dogs would kill me if I tried to put something like that on. My husband wouldn't be too happy either. :) (I think it's kind of cute.)


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