The Selvage Quilt

I have to admit, I really enjoy using up the little pieces of fabric that are leftover AFTER making a quilt. 


When I was introduced to selvage quilts I while back I couldn’t help but think that there was a quilt I wanted to make!


Immediately, I began saving my selvages.  I’ve been saving for around a year or so.  I have a pretty good stash and I was recently inspired to start making it after seeing a selvage quilt tutorial at the Pleasant Home blog. 


I was very inspired by her quilt.  She gives step by step instructions in case you’re interested in checking it out!  She came up with a really neat trick for using fusible interfacing.  Very Cool!!!


Here’s what my project is looking like.  Note: I’m not working solely on this quilt.  This is something I expect to take out from time to time and work on.


Here you see my overflowing bucket of selvages.







I just have a few blocks made.  I can see that this will be fun project to take out and work on from time to time.  It will take a while to build but will be very fun when finished!



Here’s our little Chihuahua, Mo.  He’s a HUGE lover and his most favorite thing to do in the world is snuggle with you (and eat).  It’s actually probably a toss up as to which is is favorite.

12_29_10 (2)


I’ve been a bit absent from my blog because we’ve been fixing up our spare room.  I spent all weekend painting.  Not getting to do as much quilting as I want because the house is kind of a mess but we’ll get it back into shape soon.  It’s so nice to see a room with a fresh coat of paint.  It changes everything!


Take care,


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