A Magnetic Bobbin Holder!


Have you all seen one of these??


At our last Material Girls meeting (our own sort of “guild” for about 7 of us ladies), one of our members offered up a tool she no longer wanted.


It was a magnetic bobbin holder, which, of course, is only good for machines that have metal bobbins!  Smile


I had been using a plastic bobbin case.  It worked okay but the lid was a little loose and there was the constant concern that it may get knocked over and scatter the bobbins. 


Now, this is a pretty COOL toy!

Here you can see that I’ve got all my bobbins assembled into the magnetic tray.




It is so slick!  They all stay put!!  No more rolling away!!




So, my only question is where do I get another one, Jennifer? 

Oh, and my Mom wants one too!!



Heather :)

1 comment:

  1. Heather -

    I googled "magnetic bobbin holder" and found these - check 'em out!! Hope you find one you like.





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