The Wedding Quilt

My brother in law got married this summer.  We traveled to Washington (state) to see the wedding. 
Of course, what to get them?

We don’t see them very often so I didn’t have a very good idea of what they might need.
A while back, I had created a quilt for my brother in law.  He is a cowboy.  He loves the outdoors.  So I had this idea to repurpose scraps of wool from old shirts, skirts, blazers, etc. 

I went to thrift stores and over time gathered a good collection.

I washed and felted all of the pieces and slowly but surely started cutting out the fabric.  I did follow a quilt pattern.  It was from a magazine and it’s long gone…but it was a simple, colorful pattern.

It was simple but functional and personal.   It was something that I thought he would really like.  At the time of the wedding a year or so had passed since I had finished the quilt, all except the binding. 

When the wedding came to pass, it became obvious that this could be the perfect gift for Jon and his new wife, Carlie.

Here’s a close up of the blocks.  You can see there is a very large mix of different wool fabrics.  I used all types and colors.  Very scrappy.


Finally bound and ready for giving!

Overall, I thought it turned out nice but most importantly, it was a good fit for my brother in law.  Of course, I hope his new wife liked it as well.  Smile


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  1. I made a quilt out of thrift store shirts too! I used all 100% cotton dress-type shirts. My blog is
    if you want to see a picture. LOVE your wool quilt. Would love to try one myself!!!


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