Something else new to the Quilting Studio…


Okay, so I just shared my new “magnetic bobbin holder” in a recent post with everyone.  A fantastic little invention that I was so excited about!!


And thanks so much to Kitty, who went online and researched some FAB places for me to get another one!!!!  You’re so awesome Kitty and a wonderful fellow blogger.  In case you’re intrigued, check out her blog, A Left Handed Quilter, it’s totally awesome!


Well, I got something else new for my quilting studio and I’m equally, if not even MORE excited about this little puppy!


It’s…. an anti-fatigue mat.  Okay- does that seem a little boring??  Not exciting enough?


Black Anti Fatigue Mat


Let me tell you, I have been SO excited about this mat.


I stand in front of my cutting/ironing table for hours on end when I’m sewing and the bottom line is that my feet-get-tired, really tired.


Especially when I’ve got a bunch of ironing to do, such as with my dog collars.


This little gem is from U-Line.  It is a 2’x3’, 5/8” black “Cadillac” mat.  Including shipping it cost $42.00.  Not necessarily a bargain, per se, but as comfortable as my feet have been over the past few days, it seems like the deal of the century!


Here’s what it says in the company listing:

This is the "Cadillac" of mats, the one used in Uline warehouses.

  • Smoother surface, unlike ribbed mats, allows for easy turns and quick pivoting all day long. (True that!)
  • Beveled edges help keep warehouses safe - No tripping. (Not really relevant for me..)
  • Polyurethane overlay cleans easily and lasts longer.  (Good to know…)
  • 5/8" thick - 40% more cushioning.  (Oh Yeah baby, this thing has major cushioning!!!)


With shoes or without, my feet have been SINGING!


So…just had to share my newest little treasure. 



I promised my Mom I would share the ordering info.  She was interested in getting a slightly larger one for working on her longarm.


Here you go, Mom.  Their website is: 

They have a 3x5 ($72), 3x6 ($86), 3x8  ($116), these all come in the thicker 5/8” mat.


They do make more narrow ones (2 feet wide) but they only come in the 3/8” thickness.  They are a lot less expensive though!


Good luck!


Thanks for checking in today!




  1. I am happy that your feet are happy! But just I want you to be warned to make sure to pick up your feet when you turn. Because I was having trouble with my knees and the dr.asked if I started using an anti-fatigue mat and told me I was wretching them because I was turning first to leave the area and my foot was'nt off the ground yet(if you get what I'm trying to say)I just purposely had to think about in the beginning and did'nt have that problem any longer.They are wonderful though!

  2. WOW - Heather!! Thanks for the shout-out!! You are most welcome for the google search. I love finding new "toys" that help get the "fun" stuff done.


  3. Thanks Applibyhand! Good warning and something to watch out for!!! :)


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