Guess how many yards of fabric… Win Fat Quarters!

With the new year and thoughts of organizing running through my head I decided to “re-organize” my stash fabric.

It really was overdue…this is a bit of a sampling of the shelves- just a bit mind you!


I finally got to the place where I have folded and MEASURED all of my fabric that is at least a 1/2 yard or larger.  Everything smaller is currently in a “scrap” bin for additional sorting.

This is the first time I have actually measured my fabric stash.  I was pretty shocked by the final count.

Sad to think that this doesn’t include: fat quarters, kit fabric, WIP and a huge box of scraps!

So, here it is.  How many yards of fabric do you think this is?
**Only estimate what is on the Three shelves, ignore any miscellaneous fabric on the side or below.


Just respond with your best guess (in the form of a comment) and you could be the lucky recipient of…

5 Valentines’ Day Fat Quarters!

FQ Valentines #2
FQ Valentines #1FQ Valentines #1FQ Valentines #1

The person with the number closest to the actual amount of stash will be the winner!!
           ***(PLEASE guess in yards-it’s the only way I function)!!!

**Note, in the event that a number is chosen more than once by multiple folks, I will assign each individual a number in the order they responded and let the random number generator choose!
**Lastly, please remember to double check that the option to receive email in your blog profile is active OR just include your email address in your comment, otherwise, I can’t contact your for a mailing address and your fat quarters must go home with someone else!

I’ll close the poll Sunday, January 23rd @ 5pm PST.  Good luck!!!

Thanks everyone for playing.  Hope you’re having a terrific week!



  1. Okay--this is going to be hard& I have no idea, but I'll guess 479 yards. Thanks for a chance to win your cute fq's!

  2. I just love folding my fabric! And isn't it just beautiful in nice stacked, neat piles? I'm guessing 600 yards. Sounds like a good number! I'm usually a lurker, but thanks for including me!

  3. I estimate you have 230 yds of fabric. What fun!

  4. Great fun- 147 yards- I really have no idea!

    Pop over and play on my blog- guess how much floss I have and win a gc.

  5. Hahaha! If I didn't measure anything less than half a yard, I wouldn't have nearly anything at all! I usually buy one-third yard cuts! Anyway, my guess is 131 yards.

  6. I'll guess 159 yards! Can't wait to see what it really is!

  7. I am going to guess 135.5yds of fabric.It sure would be fun to pay in your room and you said that did'nt inlude fats,kits,scraps & so on! Good job and it's makes sense how your seperating it though.

  8. I'm going to guess 338 yards. I'm horrible at guessing games, but I so want those FQs :) PS things are looking great all stacked and neat. I did refold all my fabs too but haven't put them in by color...was hoping to get my daughter interested in helping with that interest :P

  9. SO loving your comments! THANKS! Heather :)

  10. Ooo, I love a good guessing game (even though I stink at them)! I'm going to guess 312 yards.

  11. OK - I'll play - I LOVE fabric - especially fat quarters - so I'll guess 400 yards - a nice round number (and probably waaaay too low!)

    And - GOOD JOB organizing all of your fabric, Heather! I did the same thing a couple of years ago - but forgot to measure it as I went along. One of these days I'll post pics - wait until you see - you'll love it!

    Can't wait to find out how much fabric you really have!


  12. Wow what a chore to measure and organize your fabric. My guess is 414 yards!

  13. you did a great job of organizing, Im gonna guess at 242 yards, can\t wait to see what it really tallies up to be. (

  14. Here is my calculated guess -- 432 yards. What fun!

  15. I am guessing 187 yards! It adds up really fast.


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