Sacramento Quilt Show in March!

A few weeks back we set out to the Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival in Sacramento, CA. One whole building was filled with quilt booths of all kinds.  I traveled over with a terrific group of ladies and we had a wonderful time (except for the car sickness).  In the future I must remember to face forward when traveling through winding mountains!!

The show was held at Cal Expo.  Here you can see us approaching the building.  Yeah, Rachelle, I caught you in this picture!  :)

My Mom and I are were prepped for some SERIOUS shopping.  I made my Mom promise that she would not let me buy any kits.  I'm not kidding, I really love kits and I have a BUNCH at home already.  Of course, she was all ready to dive into the long arm quilting supplies!


Jan, Sandy and my Mom.  Great picture guys!!

We went on the last day of the show and it was still quite busy. 

 If I counted right, there were about 75 booths.  Not a huge show but PLENTY of stuff to see.  I was more than satisfied and managed to find some great fabric!  (Huge surprise, I know!)

Looking forward to the next show ladies!!!  Thanks for the wonderful time!!


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