Quilt Store Hopping in Maui...

**Please NOTE:  According to a recent visitor, this shop will be closing at the end of November 2010.    Sorry.....   :(

So...of course, I don't go anywhere without looking for ANY and ALL quilt/fabric stores.  I've found several so far and thought I would share!

First off...The Needlework Shop in Lahaina, Maui -click on shop name to go to web site.  (This shop is located in WEST Maui which happens to be where we are staying.)

Here is a photo of the shop. 

Ndlewk shop

 It's just off the main street and very easy to find.  I went there because they said they carried Hawaiian quilting supplies and gave classes and I wanted to look into taking a class.  The cost is very reasonable.  Only $35 for all of the supplies and the lesson is free.  You get 2 1/2 hours of their undivided, personal attention.  I thought this was pretty good.

The picture below was borrowed from their website.  It shows what you basically get in a kit.  I noticed that they seem to use Batiks a lot for their backgrounds and I liked that a lot.  It was a nice change from the usual plain, solid. 

I spoke with the teacher and she was very helpful.  She gave me a mini demo of the process.  Basically, in the two and a half hours you will learn the entire process from start to finish.  How to cut the fabric (you cut it like a paper snowflake, where the fabric is folded into eighths), basting the fabric to the background, appliquing around all possible combinations (corners, turns, etc) and the final process of "echo" quilting. 

Needlework shop

Overall, I thought this was a real steal for $35.00 for anyone interested in learning Hawaiian quilting!!

I've really thought about taking a class just for the experience.  I just keep holding back because needle turn applique is NOT my thing and I don't think it ever will be. 

Still considering it though!

By the way, they also sell completed pillow forms and small wall hangings made by employees.  Well worth checking out.  These really are a labor of love.



  1. Hi...I was just at this store over Thanksgiving and sadly they were closing shop at the end of the month. I bought a couple patterns for Hawaiian quilting. I also wanted to take a class but the instructor did not show (she was out taking care of her ill mother---totally understandable). I just thought I'd let everyone know so, they expect it to be there.

  2. Thank you Tina!!! I modified the blog post to reflect this information. Bummer...but I really appreciate the heads up!


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