More Quilt Stores in Maui- "Quilts 'N Fabric Land" in Lahaina

Another quilt shop can be found in Lahaina (west Maui) just one street over from The Needlework Shop.  "Quilts "n Fabric Land" is located in a multi level shopping complex on the main street AKA Front Street.

This shop was very difficult to find.  I had an address but didn't realize that it wasn't a shop on the street front.  Instead, it was located in a multi level outdoor shopping complex.  You know, one of those places with restaurants and t-shirt shops?

I finally found it on the second floor (right hand side) in the very back.  Here's a picture.

Fabricland 2

 They don't have a website so I sort of stumbled upon this by chance on the internet.

So here's the skinny.  It's not a huge shop but they do have a long wall made up entirely of quilting fabrics, lots of Hawaiian fabrics and batiks.  This was a nice selection of fabric, albeit not huge. 

The other side of the shop and the racks in the center of the floor were made up of completed Hawaiian quilt products.  Potholders, wall quilts, quilts, bags, purses etc.  These reminded me of every other quilted Hawaiian product I see in Hawaii, although they had a fairly large selection to choose from.

In addition, they also had a reasonable selection of "how-to" books on Hawaiian quilting.  There were quite a few to choose from and if you're looking for a how-to book, you could probably find it here.

I would not personally consider this a "quilt shop" but they did have a nice selection of Hawaiian related quilting fabrics. 

Fabricland 1

 Aloha!   Heather

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  1. Excellent sales staff and nice selection of fabrics. I also enjoyed the Maui Quilt Shop in Kihei!!!


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