Maui Quilt Shop...Kihei

So, we hit the last quilt shop in Maui today.  How depressing!

But the good news is that it was a terrific shop so it was a great way to end.  The Maui Quilt Shop is located on the south side of the island in the Azeka Shopping Center. 

Their website is:

Maui Qlt Shp 1

Although not a huge shop, they really pack a lot into this space.  They had a lot of Hawaiian fabrics and ocean prints.  All quality quilt shop fabrics.  They also had a lot of batiks and asian prints as well.

In addition, they carried a lot of different Hawaiian themed kits.  They carried the traditional hand applique patterns (in kits) as well as very cute and original kits featuring sea turtles, flowers and other Hawaiian animals.

I thought they had a nice updated selection of books, many of which were geared toward Hawaiian/Beach themes.  (I bought three)  :)

I noticed that they also give lessons in traditional Hawaiian quilting on Fridays.  

Maui Qlt Shp 2

I had a terrific time in this shop and highly recommend it!  Check out their website 'cuz you can also shop online.

Oh- here's what I walked out with!!!

Maui Qlt Shp Fabric

Aloha!  Heather 

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