Back to Reality & the Rolling Table Tutorial

So, I had to enter back into reality and return to work today!  After 2 weeks off, that was Hard!!!  I'm sure most people can relate.

I've been trying to get my tutorial up for the rolling table but have been having issues.  Turns out, Lowe's doesn't carry this type of wire drawer organizer anymore.  Geez....  I also checked Home Depot but no luck there.  Not even online at either store.

So, I have pictures for everything BUT the carts.  So...what to do...

I think I will go ahead and publish the tutorial anyway.  I'll keep looking for a source to add on later and if people run across something similar, then they can still proceed.

If you run across storage carts similar to these...please let me know where you found them!  THANKS

I'll leave you with a shot of the pool where we spent many a day in Hawaii...

Spa pool 2


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