Denim Quilt at the Pacific West Quilt Show 2011


This past weekend my Mom and I left Reno and traveled to Seattle for the 2011 Pacific West Quilt Show.  Husbands were in tow for the weekend but we let them do their own thing while we went to the quilt show. 

As you might guess, they don’t have a lot of interest in looking at quilts or shopping.


We had a terrific time!  I took a ton of quilt pictures and we did lots of shopping.  I stocked up on Halloween fabric (for dog collars), titanium sewing machine needles, new fabric pens and some fun gifts for our quilt group.


It’s a good thing I always travel with an extra duffel bag to be checked in with my luggage.  I’ve Learned to always travel with an extra, empty bag.  Too many trips to a local Wal-Mart to purchase an extra bag has taught me to simply travel with one!


As you know, I love to quilt with recycled denim jeans.  With that in mind, the following quilt was one of my very favorites from the show.




Here is what the label next to the quilt said:




Here’s a close up of the quilt:




I LOVE it! 

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