“Upcycling” our Denim Jeans!


It’s no secret, I love recycling denim jeans, mostly into quilts or pillows.


I have received some recent requests for my denim circles rag quilt Pattern.  This has really been dragging as you can see from old quilt posts!

However, it has moved to the TOP of my list now that I am working full time and exclusively on my quilting business.

I am almost done with a pillow tutorial using the same techniques used to make this quilt.  That will post first.

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in this quilt.  It is such a great compliment and I want to get the pattern out there for you to use!


In the meantime…I have been quickly running out of my garage sale jeans that I use for my projects so I posted an ad on Craig’s List.  I offered to pay $3-$4 a pair. 


Let’s just say I was surprised at how many jeans ONE person could have in their closet.  I deleted the Craig’s List ad tonight.  I’m at capacity for now!!


Here are some pretty cool things I have seen online made from recycled denim jeans…




I love the variety of jeans used in this project!  (From Susan Willis for Ecouterre Recycled Denim Jeans Contest)




Slippers, OMG!  Very creative though and the directions are found here…Recycled Denim Slippers



Okay, I REALLY like this purse.  It’s from MissyMaoMao's Blog!



Awesome Log Cabin quilt from Kathy Wagner (directions are found at this link)


Thank you for visiting!

Smile  Heather


  1. Hi Heather, Having seen your fabulous pillows up close and personal last night at Material Girls, I can't wait for the tutorial! Today I purchased one of the new Moda Circa 1934 charm packs for mine! Can't wait to use it with your pillow pattern!! ~ Jennifer

  2. Thank you SO much Jennifer! Your support means more than you know! :)

  3. love that denim bag, cutest one I've ever seen! The denim uholstered chair is perfect for a teen or mancave!!

  4. You really make a good use of your spoiled jeans. I have never given it a thought.


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