Pillow Forms…

Now that I am making my living full time on my “talents”, I’m working on an Etsy store.  One of my new projects is a pillow using recycled denim jeans.


I need 18” pillow forms for these pillows. 


I’ve debated making them myself from scratch or buying them at an affordable resale price.  I can make a really nice one but I’m not sure that would be practical for creating pillows in volume.


I came across 18” pillow forms at a discounted fabric store the other day.  The quality is okay with the only real flaw being that the forms lack enough stuffing. 


I brought one home to experiment with making modifications.  I was happy with the results and thought I would share. 


Here’s what they look like when I buy them.  They’re definitely clean and new and the casing is put together well, however, as you can see the corners are flat and the overall pillows are lumpy.  They’re just not stuffed well.




So, I decided to rip open the pillows and stuff them properly.  Here’s how I do it.


I use my extra fancy seam ripper (with which I’m pretty sure you can also conduct surgery) to start ripping in the center of one side.  I start at the label.




I continue to GENTLY rip out more stitches.  I take out about 6” total from the seam.




At this point, I reach in and start moving around the stuffing that already exists, filling all of the corners and stuffing them tight.

Next, I add my own new stuffing to fill out the pillow and I hand sew the opening shut.  I tried machine sewing but it takes a pretty big chunk out of the side of the pillow.  Hand sewing leaves a much nicer line along the edge.



This is the Much improved, Much nicer version of the pillow form!  It’s tightly stuffed and has a smooth texture!



Here’s a shelf full of forms newly stuffed and ready for sale! 



I have to say after making pillow forms by hand and then in comparison, modifying the store bought forms, the modification is definitely less work and cost efficient!

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