“Positively Pink”- Breast Cancer Fundraising Quilt


I belong to a quilting group that meets twice a month.  We’ve been working on a quilt to donate to a Breast Cancer Fundraising event in Sacramento.   It’s almost done.  I took the quilt home and have been working on some last minute details since the deadline is fast approaching.


Everyone raided their stash and donated black, white and pink fabrics.


Here’s what the top looked like prior to longarming.  We are all very happy with the results!!




The quilt still needed a binding, sleeve and label.


I did the binding last night and made the sleeve and label, however, I plan on taking the quilt back to our meeting on Monday so that the group can finish hand sewing the sleeve and label in place.


Here’s the sleeve.  Kind of hard to see since everything is the same color!



Here’s the label, also pinned in place and ready to be hand sewn.





We didn’t have a name for the quilt so I went online and looked up slogans for breast cancer awareness.   “Positively Pink” made the final cut!




Overall, it’s a beautiful quilt.  We did a great job!

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