What do you do with your Scraps?


After each project I always have a big pile of scrap fabric left over, just like everyone- yes? 


Some of the fabric goes into my string storage and larger pieces go back into the stash.  Other strings and strips go into a bin.


Recently, I discovered that my nine year old nephew and five year old niece LOVE the colorful castaways located in my trash bin!


Often we will pull out various sizes of paper or cardboard (whatever we have on hand), bring out the fabric bin and some white, washable school glue.  Oh, and “kid” scissors.


They love to glue the fabrics strips down to the paper in varying patterns.  It’s so interesting to watch the way their minds work.  They’re both so different in how they use the fabric.


Funny how these simple strips are such a source of fun and amusement for them!  Additionally, it a fun “quiet” activity.  I don’t worry about them ruining anything because we use the washable school glue.


Here are a few projects from last week…








So much fun….  And such an easy (and inexpensive) way to spend some time together.  :)

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  1. Terrific idea and a great way to encourage the love of fiber, fabric and color! Cool!


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