The Scrappy Star Jean Quilt


In the spirit of loving to work with old denim jeans, I started working on a new denim quilt while still working on my circle rag quilt.

This quilt will be a lot of fun because it combines my enjoyment of working with jeans and scrap fabric.


Before I start any jean quilt, I need to get to the usable “yardage”.  Here is how I typically prepare a pair of freshly laundered jeans.

I start by removing both legs just underneath the pockets.  (I now have a HUGE stack of pockets waiting to a future project!)


Next, I cut down each of the seams in both legs so that each leg can be opened flat.



I often cut away the “cuffs” at the bottom  of each leg as well.  If you accidently run over them with your rotary cutter, they’re pretty hard and I would think could dull the blade easily.



I’m then left with two pieces of denim ready for sewing!



More on this quilt tomorrow…

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