It’s Time for Easter Dog Collars!

I know it’s not Easter yet but I’m so excited because I am WAY ahead of the game!  Most of the time I’m scrambling a week before the holiday hits.  I stay up late at night with a general feeling of crankiness at the amount of work I still have to get done.

That’s no good- this is supposed to be FUN!


If you remember from my last post, here are the fabrics I chose for Easter.



The part of the collar that takes the most work is turning the fabric into the long “strap” or “band”.  Adding the hardware is actually the shortest step.  Here are some of the smaller sizes of collars made into bands, already Scotch guarded and ready for the hardware.

My dogs tend to get dirty so the Scotch guard is a must!






I love these fabrics….so cute. 






Next step…assembling the finished product!

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  1. First - I'm so sorry to hear about Pearl. Losing a pet is really hard. There are no words.

    On a happier note - your Easter fabrics are PERFECT!! You should be able to finish them in time with no problem - then it's on to red/white/blue for Memorial Day - 4th of July - and Labor Day. What fun!!



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