Finishing the Easter Collars

I’m finishing up the Easter collars.  I can’t believe it’s still March and the Easter collars are going to be done!  It’s a record!







Just about there…I’ve recruited my husband to help me with one of the jobs that can be done sitting in front of the television.  At one point, the collars have to be fed back through the slide buckle. 

Since he’s just sitting on the couch watching TV anyway, it seemed like the perfect job for him!  Just means I can do more cutting and sewing- right?


We got a little snow here last night.  Not too much but since it was Saturday it meant I didn’t have to clean off the car or drive in the snow and ice- yeah!

snow 1_1_11 (1)


Check out the snow on Sam’s little nose!  Winking smile



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  1. Looking GOOD! And ahead of schedule - how cool is that? Congratulations!


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