What Makes Your Heart Sing?

What makes your heart sing?

I was listening to an inspirational tape today and the question was asked,

       “What makes your heart sing”?        

I thought about that for a moment and knew instantly several answers to this question. Here was one at the top of my list.

Quilt Shops….and why would a quilt shop make my heart sing???

1. The intense visual input (or colors)

2. The anticipation of knowing that a new project is coming

3. The feel of the fabric; the thickness, softness, drape

4. The creative stirring that arises as potential projects come to mind with     each new fabric admired.

5. The look of the yardage on the bolt; as each yard is spread on the cutting board, the pattern or print becoming more illuminated with each turn of the bolt.

6. The slightly muffled feel of the air from the row after row of fabric bolts pressing up against each other.

7. Novelty fabrics-my favorite kind of fabric! (I am obsessed with figuring out how to use these fabrics!)

8. The inspiration that comes from samples made by others hanging prominently in the shop

9. Wandering from row to row and finding release from the day’s pressures or worries, there’s nothing better than wandering through a quilt shop on a lunch hour!

What feelings do I experience as I browse through a Quilt Shop?





-freedom from worries

-a highly developed sense of creativity

-a “high”

For me, a great fabric store really is “The Happiest Place on Earth”, not Disneyland. And if only Disneyland had a fabric store featuring Disney characters I would be there in a heartbeat!

I also love the variety of fabrics among different Quilt Shops. Each owner brings their own love of fabric to their store. It’s why I love to visit EVERY possible quilt shop when I travel. Lucky for me, I have a terrific husband who is extremely supportive of my habit!

Fabric has recently gone up quite a bit in price but I find that is not a deterrent. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to see the prices go back down, but fabric is such an important part of who I am.

My creativity, my expression.

I LOVE the variety that fabric companies provide. There really is something for everyone.

My heart really does sing when I’m buying fabric, cutting fabric or sewing fabric back together into something amazing. The creative factor is mind blowing. When I’m sewing or quilting I find I’m not thinking about other things, worrying or even complaining. 


I’m creating. I’m being the highest, best form of me.

What could be better?

BTW…I visited one of our fabulous quilt shops in Reno this week and am in the process of writing a blog entry about this wonderful shop.  Stay tuned for more about Sew-n-Such.


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