Material Girls Quilters

I belong to a great quilting group called “The Material Girls”. We get together twice a month.

AWESOME quilt Char!  Your hard work paid off!

The first meeting takes place at a member’s house where the host creates terrific food and we share our latest projects and ideas. There is a LOT of laughing and it’s always a great time!

 The other meeting takes place at a local quilt shop (thank you Sierra Sewing Center and Michelle) where we bring down our sewing machines and spend the evening sewing!

Of course, since it takes places in a quilt shop there MAY be a little shopping that goes on as well.

Excellent quilting job- Mom!

At every meeting we have food and we share our most recent projects. It’s a terrific group of ladies. Everyone is so supportive and it’s really fun to get together and share our favorite past time with other people who appreciate it!

Thanks guys!  :)

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