1970's Pattern Makeover

So, I was going through my quilting books, deciding if there were any that I just didn’t need anymore. (I know some people can’t bare to part with their books but I like to purge them every so often.)

My tastes change and why keep something that I’ll never use when someone else could be enjoying it? Besides, I’m trying to Simplify….ohmmmmmmmm.

During this process, I found an old quilting book that I got from my mother in law about 20 years ago. In reality, she didn’t GIVE it to me. She leant it to me but... if she hasn’t wanted it in 20 years, I figure I’m probably okay.

It is from 1979. I must admit, that I'm really not a fan of the old multi colored 70’s fabrics. They remind me of advocado colored appliances and plaid, polyester pants.

However, it got me thinking about something fun for my blog. What if I picked some projects that are old and outdated and “Made them Over” with current techniques and fabrics?

A Pattern Make-Over! OMG!

The egg bib cracks me up!!

Of course, I have NOTHING else going on in my life or quilting studio (ha-ha) but in reality I am completely unable to work on any one project from start to finish.

For me, going back and forth between projects is a MUST. Therefore, this could "easily" (did I say that?  I mean did I really say that??) be fit in between all of my other “goings-on”. :)

I just thought it was really a cool idea- making over an old, outdated project and showing the Before and After pictures. Coooooooollllllll…

I’m going to start with this.

Or this

I’d like to make the quilt and hang it over my couch for X-mas time. That would mean it would need to get done ASAP. However, I know (because I made it about 15 years ago) that it really goes together quick.

On the other hand, maybe I’ll just make the X-mas pillow. That would definitely be Do-Able BEFORE Christmas.

More coming on my denim jean quilt pattern in progress!  The charm squares are on and it's going together....


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