A Dog Bed!

So...I wanted to make something that could be finished in a couple of hours.  I wanted that feeling of moving from start to finish in one sitting. 

I was over at Noodleheads (such a cute blog!) and saw the November 24th entry.  What an adorable pillow she made for her girls!!

Her version is an "I Spy" pillow.  It got me thinking about how I have been meaning to refinish a pillow covering for our dogs for a pillow that currently sits in a chair in our living room.


One of our "dear little puppies" likes to self soothe by chewing on blankets.  This pillow covering did not escape his focus.  It was long overdue for a change.

I couldn't help but think what a great pillow covering this would make for our dogs bed! 

So I made made my own customizations, wrote a pattern and was VERY happy with the results!  Best yet, it only took a couple of hours at the most.  I was done in no time!!

I used part of a Tweet Tweet charm pack from Moda!

What do you think?

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