A 5 year old's Birthday!

We celebrated my niece’s birthday on the 23rd, two days before Thanksgiving. She turned five years old this day!

She is such a princess and so cute!

Her mommy and grandma brought princess cupcakes to her school to share with the entire kindergarten class.

The whole family celebrated her special day with a dinner. She got a big stack of presents and we had cake.

It was so cute to watch her open her presents. It was fun to be reminded of how much fun it is to get presents when you are little!

So much anticipation!
What could possibly be in those beautifully wrapped presents?

(She and I pose with the family chihauhau.)

After she opened each present she would show it to everyone and then say “Now under the table!”. She would place each present under the table in front of her. ??? Who knows why but it was pretty cute!

She did eventually take out each toy and play with it for a while. At the end of the evening she packed up all of the presents and walked them to her room!

Here the birthday girl poses with my Mom and sister (her mommy)!

The birthday craziness continues...it was a VERY fun evening!

Happy Birthday Aspen!


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