YouTube Videos…making Denim Circle Rag Quilt!

I’ve recently created a new YouTube channel called Passion Quilter 4u.

On this channel, you will find four videos designed to help you cut denim circles from jeans for the Pillow Tutorial and the Denim Circle Rag Quilt pattern.


The videos include:

1.  Orientation to the Olfa Circle Cutter- The Basics

2.  Using the Olfa Circle Cutter

3.  How to cut a 6 1/2" Plastic Circle Template (for tracing)

4.  How to Cut Circles from Jeans


Video #2- “Using the Olfa Circle Cutter”, tells you exactly how to set your cutter for a 6 1/2” circle. 


Video #4, “How to Cut Circles from Jeans” demonstrates how to use the circle cutter on denim jeans.

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