Fabric shopping in Curacao (on the Quilt Cruise)


I’m BACK!  Back from 11 days of fun, sun and QUILTING in the Western Caribbean.  We went on a Quilt Cruise compliments of my amazing husband for my 40th birthday.

While on the island of Curacao, we found a fabric store.  Of course, it wasn’t a quilt store, but there was some cotton fabric and I made a small purchase.  :)  Couldn’t leave without one. 


Ackerman’s in Curacao


Most of the fabric was geared toward making clothing.


Very little in the way of actual cotton.


Here were some of the cotton prints. 

I found these prints on the second floor in a stack by themselves.  I really like these colors and prints although I can’t say for certain they are 100% cotton.

I bought 6 yards for $25.00 (that’s approx $4.00/yard!)



Later, after we returned to the cruise ship we heard that one of the quilters from our group was paying for her purchase in Ackerman’s and a man walked right up to her, reached into her open purse and took all of her cash and ran out!!!!  I NEVER would have seen that coming!

Out of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), Curacao seemed the least friendly and safe.  We didn’t have a lot of time at each port but this was my overall feeling.  Plus, the people working in Ackerman’s (and there were a LOT of them), were not exactly friendly or helpful.

It took quite a bit of work to get them to actually cut this fabric for me.  Oh well.  You take the good with the bad when you travel and try to remember that not everyone’s lives are all roses and sunshine!

We had such a wonderful time though, who can complain???  Do we look hot and sweaty?  Curacao was HOT and I melted right into this chair!



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  1. I live here in Curacao for 19 years now. I saw the island from before and I can tell you it's fairly safe walking around from dawn to dusk at that time. I was then 24 years old young woman and used to walk through town to get home late at night from work. Curacao people are friendly good people. Although there are some flaws, who doesn't? Nobody's created perfectly. The island is so slow pace. I agree with you that the workers in Ackerman store are so slow movers. They never even approach u to ask what u need or what they can help u with bcause it took them ages to make a sales and cut the cloth.

    If there are crimes happens most probably done by other people who came in the island legally or illegally. The Police force are trying to secure the safety and security of the town especially when there are tourist people in town. The woman u said got her money taken away is just her bad luck. Sorry for her. Of course if we go to new country we have to put our guard on all the time, PRECAUTIONS.
    I can say that any where in the world there are such things, In Montreal Canada is known by it's safety but who will thought that my husband got mugged walking down the street carrying a bag of sandwiches? We were there for conferences, and the hotel restaurant is already been closed at night. I sent him to buy us sandwiches in a local Deli and he came back in our hotel room bloody and without my dinner. He lost his eyeglasses when they pushed him down and crashed it. His jaw got dislocated. So I can say, there are no safe place rather we have to be aware and cautious all the time. So, sorry if you feel unsafe in Curacao compared to it's sisters islands. Hope someday you find yourself to revisit the island and explore.


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