The Chicken Patch- Brand new PATTERN!

Here it is, the brand new pattern under my new label “Inventive Denim”!

The picture seen here is of the pattern cover.  This pattern is FRESH off the presses, I picked it up from the printer this morning! 

If you look closely, you can see that the denim background squares are made up of pockets.  I was really excited to use the pockets in this way.  It’s a fun look! 

The die cut chickens were made using a GO! cutter and the Accuquilt Folk Art Fowl die.  The great thing about this quilt is that if you do NOT own a GO! cutter, you can still make it!  Accuquilt gave permission for me to make full size outlines of the chicken and egg appliques!


Pretty Cool-eh!  I’m very happy that anyone can make it!


Chicken quilt in Office

Here are some photos of the quilt and table runner taken in my backyard in front of the chicken coop!  How appropriate!!

Heather's chx quilt


For more photos, check out the Inventive Denim Facebook page!

Thank you to everyone who visits my site.  I am so appreciative!!

Heather :)

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