Loving the “Mozaic” Quilt!


The other day while “researching” quilt blogs (ha-ha, I like to tell myself I NEED to look at other quilt blogs in order to make sure I am keeping up with the trends!) I came across a quilter who had made quite a few quilt tops using a pattern called “Mozaic”. 

The blog, Shey’s World of Stitchin Magic does not appear to be an active blog.  You’ll notice if you visit the site that the last post was in March.  However, I did want to give Shey full credit for all of the tops you see here.  They are all hers and I just LOVE them.  Who knows, maybe she’ll pick things back up and start blogging again!

After seeing these quilts, I was motivated to do some searches online to find the pattern.  Unfortunately, I came back empty handed.

I finally found some information on her blog about where she originally took the class and was able to track down the shop selling the pattern.

The pattern was written by Marie Anderson of the Material Girl Quilt Shop in Apopka, FL.  They don’t have it listed for sale on their website but I emailed the shop and they arranged to mail me the pattern.  True to their word, I received the pattern in the mail a few days later.  (Yeah!)

It’s not a difficult pattern (my favorite) and it is designed for fat quarters (another favorite)!

Here are examples of the quilt made by Shey.  She’s made quite a few.  VERY inspiring!!

Halloween….(I just LOVE Halloween fabrics so this one really appeals to me)!!

I really like this “St Patrick’s Day” version!! 

This reminds me of stained glass…so nice!

Notice how all of the fabrics used in the center of the quilt are also used in a scrappy border.


A 56” x 56” quilt only requires 9 FQs.  A 56” x 70” requires 12 FQs.  This just looks like such a fun quilt and the results are stunning!!

I can’t wait to find some time to make this! 


  1. Found you on a Google search. I'm constantly sewing but I usually make clothes - just learning to quilt.

  2. Thanks for shipping the denim circle quilt pattern so quickly. With the mosaic quilt, is it done with bias strips? Bias tape? I've made several crazy quilts just like this with the same look, but without the black strips for the stained glass effect. I LOVE these quilts. Thanks, Rhonda Braham

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    I'm glad the pattern came quickly!

    I double checked the mosaic quilt pattern and it is not bias strips or tape. It is just 1" strips of fabric!
    I agree, these quilts really are fun. Something about the ease of making them but with fabulously complex results.

    If you have any comments about making the quilt, please let me know. Always striving to improve!!

    Heather :)

  4. So they are just piecing in a one inch strip of fabric every time they put the pieces back together. I bet I could do this. :) Thanks so much for posting the pictures of these quilts. I LOVE them!


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