I went Shopping!


Yesterday I went shopping at a few of our local quilt shops.  I haven’t done that in a very long time and I miss them!!


It’s a fairly diverse assortment but in the back there are 3 yards of navy blue chenille.  Do you know how hard it is to find chenille????  I looked all over.


There is also a layer cake with moose!  Moose always remind me of my sister since she is a huge fan of moose!


I also got 2 yards of pumpkin fabric from the Gobble Gobble line.  I LOVE that line of fabric and was thrilled to find some!  I also found some nice coordinating fabric to go with it.  I’m making some pillows and table runners for my Etsy shop with this fabric.


See that fabric on top?  The one that say’s J’heart Paris?  This is some very unique and pretty fabric.  Going to make an excellent table runner for my Etsy site!!!!  Can’t wait!


Lastly, at the very bottom hidden under everything is a X-Block plastic template.  I decided to try it, looks like fun! 




Don’t you just love to lay out your quilt shop purchases and admire them?  I hate to put them away and lose that wonderful quilt shop high!!!


  1. That Gobble Gobble pumpkin fabric is my favorite pumpkin fabric. I think I have a little bit of it left. The orange in it is so vibrant. Looks like you had a great shopping trip!

  2. I know, right?? It's the best pumpkin fabric, I agree! :) Thanks Jackie!


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