Glue Bindings- I Found the Metal Tips!


I discovered Sharon Schamber’s method for binding quilts with glue and it has become my favorite method!


My one frustration was that when I used the regular Elmer’s bottle, the line of glue came out too heavy.  I noticed in Sharon’s video, however, that she had a really nice and small metal tip on her glue bottle.


I’m not sure if I found the same one she uses but I was able to find one that works perfectly nonetheless!


I got it at Michaels. 




Here’s what you get.  There’s one bottle and top missing from this picture.



At first, I was filling up the plastic glue bottles that come with the kit with glue and attaching the metal tips.  However, this was extremely messy and I kept having to fill up the bottle.  


Then, after re-watching Sharon’s video, I realized that her tip was attached directly to the glue bottle.  It couldn’t be that easy…right?


So, I unscrewed the orange tipped lid that comes with the Elmer’s glue bottle and used one of the lids and silver tips you see in the picture.


Voila!  Perfect fit!




The only thing you have to pay attention to is the fact that this metal tip has a VERY small pin size hole.  It plugs very easy if left to dry.  The kit includes some metal wires which are the perfect size for cleaning out this hole. 

I did find, however, that you still must rinse out the tip with warm water in between uses.




Here’s the fine print from the box…




Excellent product and one that makes glue binding SO easy!!!




  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I've been wondering about the metal tip, too.

  2. Thank you so much. I have been looking for the tip since I saw her video!!

  3. Thanks for the tip but the Michael's in my area don't carry this product. Guess I'll have to order from Sharon Schamber website.

  4. You saved me a lot of time searching. Thanks. When I saw Sharon Schamber's video on binding, I wanted to use her technique on my next quilt. I've already spent quite a bit of time looking for the appliqué needles and finger grip she uses. Haven't found them. Hope I'm looking for the right brand, Bohm?

  5. The brand is Loew-Cornell. It's definitely not a brand I'm familiar with but does seem to do the job!

  6. Sharon Schamber's applique needles (size 10) and her finger grip were both made by BOHIN.

  7. Gotta love Google--keyed metal tip Elmer's glue and came right to you. thanks

  8. I also watched the video and want to try Sharon's binding method.Thanks for the tip! I was able to find this same product on Amazon:)

  9. I've used the glue method for a long time and I also use it to hold fabric pieces before sewing instead of pins which can distort. Mine metal tip went missing at a quilt class so I ordered Sharon Schambers plastic ones and they are so much worse than the metal tips. They dry very fast while are using it and I'm constantly unplugging the small tip. Much prefer the metal tips as it seemed like they didn't plug up as fast. Off to Michaels to see if our store has them - thanks.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I, too, using Sharon Shamber's binding technique and love it but can't find the glue tip needed. I'm going to Michaels to get it. Thank you again.



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