Recovering my Work Table

So, I decided that my work table was looking a bit...sad...seriously stained and scorched. 

This table has gotten a LOT of use since I first built it a couple of years back.  I originially came up with the idea because I was in desperate need of a larger work space that could also double as an ironing board. was time to get creative and I have to say my husband and I did a darn good job in the end!

I ended up with a table on wheels, lots of drawer space and some much needed space to work not to mention an ironing board all in one!  I think I'll turn this into a tutorial in case anyone would like to make one.

Here's a picture of what it looked like BEFORE the new covering...


I don't think you're getting the real picture of how bad this looked.  Let me give you a better close up.



Okay, so I do like working on a nice plain white surface but couldn't help but get creative and decided to use a lightly printed fabric this time.  Here's the final product...


At first, I have to admit the print was a bit of distraction when working with other fabrics.  However, it's interesting to note that I have completely adjusted to having it there and don't even notice it anymore!

I think I'll turn this into a tutorial.  Should be fun. 

:)  Happy Tuesday! 



  1. Hey Heather, LOVE your blog!! I too had a blast in Hawaii checking out the quilt shops. My sweet husband, like yours, was so patient. There is a fantastic shop in Kauai for your next trip. I'll send you details and pics.
    Love, love, love your rolling table and will be so very excited to see your tutorial. I NEED one too!! Hmmmm....I think I see a project for hubby?

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer! :)
    I mean what would be the point of going on vacation if we didn't check out the quilt shops!
    Would LOVE to see the Kauai photos, please do send!
    I'm really happy with the rolling table too. It turned out to be everything I wanted. I'm working on the tutorial!


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