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My name is Heather and I love to quilt.   Therefore, I spend as much free time as possible doing it.  I don’t do a lot of machine quilting (and I don't do any hand quilting) it’s just so difficult to move those big quilts under the arm of my machine.  My Mom, however, recently began longarming so I’m very excited about turning over my tops to her!!_____________________________________________________________________________

I’m lucky to have an entire room devoted to my work and as you can see here, it is not uncommon for one of our four dogs to follow me into the sewing room late at night and fall asleep while I’m working!  


This was Sam in his favorite spot just last night. 

I don’t see that he is actually doing any harm so I usually let him sleep.  He’s just so darn cute that it’s hard to be mad at him.


Here are some photos of my sewing room...

It’s hard to miss the VERY large stack of UFO’s in the corner.  I’m absolutely determined to finish them.  Now if I could only stop finding other projects to do first I’d probably make more progress...


Here’s a close up of my sewing space.  I'm so lucky to have two machines and one serger.  I really like having two machines set up and ready to go (with different threads, of course!).  The Pfaff Grand Quilter on the left only does a straight stitch but it’s a Power House!  Boy, can I stitch through some monster size thicknesses of fabric with this machine.  Because this machine only does straight stitches, I am also very grateful to have a Huskvarna Viking Scandinavia.  It has lots of stitches and it’s digitized.  How wonderful is it to have two different machines set up at the same time??

The serger's in between the two machines but its rather difficult to see!

 My biggest frustration is the size of the room.  At approximatley 10 x 10 feet, it’s a squeeze.  I’m constantly threatening to blow out the back wall and expand the room.  My husband is pretty opposed to this idea (darn)…___________________________________________________________________________

Overall, I love my space and I love my quilting time.  It’s my goal to do it full time.  It’s gonna happen. 


  1. My dog, Rowan, is much larger than your Sam, but she would love nothing more than to lie on top of my yarn. LOL

  2. I love the ironing area. It would be a good place to work as well as iron and be so convenient. I'll have to see if it will fit in my work area. Doing a tutorial would be great. It would be nice to follow directions instead of having to reinvent the "wheel".
    And Hawaii looks wonderful!

  3. Heather, I'm so glad we did the trip to Sacramento. You and your mom are the best. This blog is the best. I love how you are doing it.
    This might be the next thing I learn in my life.

  4. Hey Rachelle,
    I had a blast in Sacramento! I'm so glad you guys included me! I'm going to post the pictures I took on my blog right now! Got a good one of you and my Mom! :)


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