Earth Day Results!


So…Earth Day.  How’d it go?

Well, as far as sales go, it was just okay.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even cover my booth fee.  Bummer.

But, on the plus side, I made a TON of contacts and really got my name out there.  PLUS, (and this was really important) I was able to get feedback and start to gauge more of what people like and what they’re looking for.

Here’s kinda what I think was going on.  First of all, I need to have more items that are in the $5,$10,$15 range.  Most everything I was selling was $25 or more.  So, something to work on there!

Also, there wasn’t a whole lot of buying going on that I could see. The person next door to me did seem to do okay though! :)

There were THOUSANDS of people there over the course of the day.  Many stopped by my booth but none of them seemed to be carrying bags!  They were carrying beers and corn dogs and bottles of water but not bags.

I do think there is a difference between a “craft show” and an event like Earth Day.  I could see that many were there to just hang out and enjoy the music. 

I’ve also learned that I need more brochures or materials to hand out about myself.  People who are “interested” but not interested in buying NOW are looking for information to take with them. 

But, I reiterate, I was happy with the contacts I made so we’ll see what results from that!

And, here’s some pictures from the day!  (It was HOT, 90 degrees F).





That’s it for now!  :)


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