Material Girls- Donation Quilt Idea!


Okay, Material Girls, this post is for you!

I know several people mentioned wanting to make donation quilts at our meetings.  I came across a REALLY simple (and fun) pattern that I wanted to share.

It’s called the “Strippie Quilt” and was designed by Mary Johnson at the blog "Making Scrap Quilts from Stash”.  This link will take you to her most recent “Strippie”.


Anyway, her pattern is offered for free on her site.  If you want to check it out, go HERE.

Here is the one I made last night on my design wall.  It took only a couple of hours from start to finished top.










What’cha think?

I’m thinking I could easily cut one of these out before a meeting, bring my sewing machine and get it all put together by the end of our meeting!!

It’s so satisfying to get an entire top done in one evening!  Now, we just have to see if the longarmer of the group is willing to quilt them!!!  ;)

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