Cool Cottons in Portland, OR!

Cool Cottons
2417 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR  97214

Phone: 503-232-0417

My brother-in-law got married a few weeks ago which meant that we flew into the Portland Airport on our way to Benton City, WA.  So you know I had to stop and see a quilt shop prior to leaving the city!

Lucky for me, I stopped at Cool Cottons!  What an AWESOME shop!  It was really a luck of the draw since I've never visited any Portland quilt stores before.  We pulled up to the shop (which is actually a converted home...see picture below).

I was intrigued and ready to investigate!

They carry a LOT of fabrics and many modern lines.  I simply loved it!  Each section of the store was organized by color which made shopping easy and fun.  (see the "greens" below?)

The shop is located in an old restored house.  It used to be an art gallery and all of the original wood was restored.  It's just simply gorgeous.  Pictures don't do it justice.

The shop has its own website and they have a LOT more pictures.  Check it out @: Cool Cottons

While visiting the shop, I got to meet the owners Marie and Pam.  Such lovely ladies with an obvious eye for great fabric. 

We visited for a while and they told me about Portland's weather.  It was such a lovely summer day and I couldn't help but wonder if they really did get all of the rain I have heard about.  Do you know they even get snow!  I wasn't expecting that!

The overall feel was very welcoming.  With so many windows and a wonderful lighting system, the shop was bright and open. 

This is a fantastic shop and WELL worth your time.  I will definitely be making a point to return the next time I'm in Portland.  

This is a true First class Quilt Shop!

Heather :)

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