Fallon Quilt Show

A few weeks ago, my Mom and I got away to the Fallon Quilt Show in (where else?) Fallon, NV.

Only about an hour from Reno, we set off early in the morning and arrived just as the show was opening that Saturday morning.  We weren't really sure what to expect since we had never been to this show before.  The show is sponsored by the Nevada Quilt Guild, a guild representing the rural communities of Nevada.  There is a LOT of wide open space in this state and only a few large cities (i.e. Reno, Las Vegas) so this guild supports the smaller communities in Northern Nevada.

As Fallon is a smaller area, the show itself, was small but represented the community as well as any large quilt show.  There were a handful of vendors representing local quilt businesses as well as those who traveled long distances.

I was particularly "smitten" with an adorable shop called the Rusty Crow Quilt Shop.  My Mom and I STOCKED up on Moda fabric.  This is her going through piles of fabric on the floor!

Can you see her down there? :)

I bought a GREAT pattern at the Rusty Crow (in addition to plenty of fabric).  Called the "Scrappy Nest", this is just the ultimate pattern for getting rid of scraps with minimal effort for an amazing finished project!!

Okay, this is a WAY cute pattern with great directions!!  I love that she even inserts a sense of humor into the directions!  ;)

You can see in this close up just how adorable this quilt really is!!

Just think how many scraps you could use up!

Shawn, the owner, is absolutely delightful!  She is obviously extremely talented not only as a pattern designer but her booth was fun and brimming with "quilting eye candy"!

If you want to know where she's going to be next, check out this page from her website: Rusty Crow Show Schedule
The Quilts!

My Mom and I drooled over the quilts on display.  She is a new longarmer (a proud Nolting owner) and, specifically, she was looking for quilting ideas.   We were just blown away by the quality of the quilting!  The more we focused in on the quilting, the more we saw the complex, quality of these quilts!

I've included a few of my favorites from the show. 

This quilt was titled "Fancy That" and was made by Christine Carpiaux.

It's difficult to see here but all of those quilted lines you see fanning out in the quilt are HAND Quilted!!

This quilt was titled "The Cat's Meow" by Sandra Goodfellow.Because of the way the quilts were set up, I could only get a side view of this quilt but it was simply BREATHTAKING!

I loved her colors, loved, loved, loved them!

I noticed that this particular pattern was the subject of a Mystery Quilt Retreat and there were numerous quilts made up of this pattern at the show.

It was exciting to see all of the different ways this quilt looked based on the choice of colors and fabric!

I was amazed at this quilt although the name should have given it away, I suppose!

  Made by Jan Reranzone, the quilt was called, "Cheater, Cheater, Cheater". 

As you may be guessing, it was made from a Cheater Cloth but I SWEAR, it was impossible to tell! 

Jan is a magnificent quilter!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Heather  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing Heather. I just finished a version of the Cat's Meow and UPS should be delivering the box today from the longarm quilter! I love seeing other versions. Mine will be on my blog as soon as I get the binding on. Whoo hoo!

  2. Thanks Chris. It really is a beautiful pattern. I'll have to check out your version once it's on your blog. Congrats on finishing it!


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